Team Eligibility Criteria

  •  All members of the participating team should have a valid college ID card and should
    produce it at the time of registration. No team member will be allowed to participate
    without college ID card.

  • The teams can have names of their choice.

  • A team consisting of 4-5 members are allowed to participate and only they will be
    issued certificates. The team mates can be from the same college or different

How to register

  • Participants should send the below mentioned details to the mail id and register in

  • Participants should send their team and members name.

  • Drone photo with or without team members has to be sent and only that
    drone should be used throughout the event.

  • Drone type has to be mentioned in the mail.

  • The teams will have to compete in two rounds, technical inspection and on track

  • Technical Inspection

  • Each drone will be inspected by the judges on the basis of some of the above
    mentioned instructions.

  • After inspection only qualified drone will be allowed to track event.

  • On track event

  • The on track event consist of below mentioned rounds:

  • Load testing.

  • Roll the ball from start to stop point.

  • Challenges against obstacles in short duration.

  • Drone should pass each level only then the team will be qualified to next level.

  • On the basis of performance, points will be added by the judges.

  • Drone with best performance will succeed the event

Drone Specifications

  • Maximum 450mm size quad can be used it may be either custom-built or rtf.

  • Tricopter, quadcopter, hexacopter are allowed.

  • GPS & CAMERA DRONES are not allowed, participant must disable the GPS features.

  • Use of any jammer is prohibited.

  • Only plastic props are allowed, no metal or carbon fibre prop accepted.

  • Maximum 4 cell lipo is allowed.

  • Pilots should have enabled kill switch and will be verified before the event.

  • Failsafe must be enabled.

  • Camera should not be enabled in the drone.

  • Drone is not allowed to fly above 40 feet inside the campus.

  • Only approved drones are allowed to compete in the event.

General Instructions

  • Only one pilot can fly the drone in a round from the team (pilot can be changed inevery round).

  • Participant should bring all the essential accessories required for them.

  • Current source to charge lipo will be provided.

  • Change of quad is not allowed for the entire event, same quad should be used from beginning to the end.

  • Exchange of quad between team is not allowed.

  • Participant can be of same college or different, but must be a student.

  • Professionals are strictly prohibited.

  • If any miss behaviour found they will be disqualified immediately.

  • Judges decision is final. 

  • Use of professional drones like DJI SOLO restricted.

  • Replacing parts on crash is allowed but replacing with new quad is not.

  • Pilots should follow all safety instructions