• Glider can only made from balsa wood and any other metal object are not allowed.

  • wingspan 35 cm and fuseluge 35 cm will be max cm

  • Each team will be permitted 2-3 person per team

  • Each team will be permitted one glider at the contest.

  • The contestant's name(s),college, and team name any one of these should be clearly visible on the glider.

  • The glider must be competition-ready when turned in for inspection.No modifications to the glider are allowed after the glider is submitted to the judges for inspection

  • Repairs are allowed between flights. However, no changes may be made to the basic design of the glider once the competition is under way Repairs must be made by the contestants

  • There will be a three launch for the glider from that we so`rt out the average score.

  • Glider should release by team members

  • The contestant releases the glider after being given the "OK" from the official

    NOTE: Distance will be measured downwind of the launch point to when the glider first hits the