Team Eligibility Criteria

  • A team may consist a maximum of three to five participants.However ,the team has to register in the official website

  • Teams can have their names and logo.

  • Participants should be a student of any educational institution, provided with valid college

  • identity card.

  • Team member without a valid ID card will not be allowed for the competition.


  • All ready to run and custom made cars are allowed to compete.

  • Internal combustion engine powered cars within 5cc displacement are alone allowed.

  • No electric cars or solar powered cars are allowed.

  • Nitro based fuelled cars are only allowed.

  • Cars that are to compete could ride on off road tracks.

  • No supplies (batteries, fuel, tools...) will be provided from the organiser’s side.

  • Track will contain obstacles, bumps, slopes, jumps, blind spots where the driver can’t reachhis sight (tunnels).

  • Car dimensions must be within 500*400*400.

  • Interference in transmitting frequencies is not taken as a problem from Organiser’s side.

  • Track will be provided with adequate field marshals to guide the car when it is out of thetrack


  • Teams will be provided with required time to setup the vehicle before the run.

  • Teams will be provided with a trail run on the track.

  • Additional runs will not be entertained.

  • Change of drivers during race is not allowed.

  • Driver running behind the car is prohibited.

  • Organisers are not responsible for damage to the car during head to head race.

  • Same car cannot be used by another team.

  • Teams purposely damaging other cars will be terminated.

  • Teams violating rules may get penalties or even terminated.

  • Teams/cars facing technical failures are IN only if they re-join within the stipulated time.

  • Once the event starts no additional time will be provided.

  • Decisions made by the organisers are finalised. Any further arguments or violations of the above rules and regulations will lead to the termination of the team from the event.